2 years, 1 baby, and forever to go

My darling wife,

It is 12:43AM as I write this. You are fast asleep, resting for the day ahead. Our baby boy, Aiden, is asleep right next to you in his own tiny bed. This probably one of those few nights where he can sleep through the night, especially after practically keeping us awake the night before.

I understand that we haven’t had time for ourselves lately, but it’s a sacrifice that we gladly make daily for the sake of our boy. It hasn’t been as smooth a transition into parenthood for us but we keep learning and improving as the days go on. We don’t have a lot of photos together now because all of our pictures are now of Aiden.

Our world got bigger well over a month ago, and it’s the best change we could have ever asked for. The sleepless nights have been hard, but worthwhile. Each passing day that we get better at being parents, we get that much closer together as husband and wife.

There will always be trying times, and even moments of frustration. But like a lot of obstables that have happened to us, we have overcome them together. Like the past year has shown us, surprises and blessings are right around the corner.

So now, as I write this while watching over you and Aiden as you both sleep; I am thankful to have you both in my life. I am thankful to have you as my wife and as the mother to our growing boy.

We may not have an extravagant anniversary celebration like last year, but this year has more meaning. We celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary as new parents, and I look forward to many more celebrations to come.

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary, my darling. I love you so much!



P.S. We still don’t have a decent family picture together.


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