You are 1 month old already!

Dear Aiden,

My son, yesterday you officially turned 1 month old. I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a change it has been since June 24, but it has been wonderful having you around, my boy. We waited 10 months for your arrival, and now we can’t keep our eyes off of you or even be far from you.


I honestly admit that I was nervous about becoming a father, but it has been enjoyable of immeasurable proportions. I remember seeing you for the very first time in the delivery room, and I could barely hold back my tears. All my fears just washed away at the sight of you, and I am proud to call myself your father.

You looked so small and fragile, but you were 8.8 lbs or 4 kg! Your mom’s OB and your Pedia said that you were big baby. It remains true one month after since your official weight now is 4.5 kg. It amazes me as to how fast you have grown and how quickly time has passed.

A number of things changed in that one month. Your mother and I don’t sleep as much, but we’ve grown accustomed to that. We’re learning your habits and mannerisms as they come about. Our patience have grown immensely, and we’re learning how to be best possible parents to you.


In the beginning it was hard, however every hiccup, burp, vomit, projectile poop, and sleepless night were all a labor of love. We adore you to the ends of the Earth, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You are a month and a day old now, and growing towards your second month.

I look forward to seeing how you grow from this day onwards. You continue to amaze and surprise not just me, but your mother and everyone else around. Keep growing each day, but remember that you will always be my baby boy, Aiden.






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