Arrow Season 5 Finale

Finally, an Arrow season finale that delivers way more than you would expect! Season after season, the writers of Arrow have always raised the ante when it came to villains and diabolical plans to destroy Star City. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it just made the odds so bland (e.g. Season 4 Finale with Damian Darhk).

In season 5, we are given none of that and it has given us 23 episodes of crazy twists, turns, and shockers.Adrian Chase has everyone Oliver cares about on the one place that would haunt and remind Oliver of his past: Lian Yu.

The fact that the show returns to place where it all started brought it all full circle as a whole, and to put a close Oliver’s five-year ordeal. Following the flashback story and the current story, both Konstantin Kovar and Adrian Chase pushed our hero to his absolute limit mentally and physically.

These two baddies have really changed things up for the show because they look to destroy Oliver himself. Konstatin’s aim is to drive our hero to brink of madness, and to prevent him reaching salvation by escaping the island. Chase wants to destroy the ideals that make the Green Arrow, and to reveal a killer inside Oliver.

Like previous finales, Oliver has assemble a team to go up against the bad guys which consisted of Adrian Chase, Evelyn Sharp, Black Siren, Talia Al-Ghul and her students. To help him out, the finale brought back the awesome Slade Wilson, Nyssa, Merlyn, and Captain Boomerang (despite the obvious double-cross). Captain Boomerang’s double-cross was an absolute certainty so no surprise there.

The final showdowns were awesome to watch, especially that Nyssa vs Talia throwdown. Black Canary vs Black Siren was dope too, with Quentin Lance stepping to get revenge on Black Siren for totally messing with his emotions. Then we have Slade and the rest kick the butts of Talia’s students in a massive brawl. The action was awesome, but there were times that it felt way too choreographed but fun to watch nonetheless.

The co-main events were Oliver vs Adrian, and Oliver vs Kovar. That Kovar match was intense and physical, and it even showed us how Oliver got some of his bigger scars. Oliver lived up to his promise of making sure that Kovar would die, snapping his neck before rushing off to set his signal of fire (quick scene cuts to the pilot episode).

Adrian vs Oliver lived up to an entire season of pent up frustration on Team Arrow for being steps behind Chase. The fight nearly mirrored the Kovar fight with the exception that Oliver vowed not to kill Adrian.

This leads up to epic end of the season with Oliver running after Chase, who has William (Oliver’s son), trying to escape on a boat. A quick fight, and heated standoff with William in the middle, Oliver finally beats Chase and has William safe.

The flashback scenes end with Oliver being rescued, and making a call to his mother, Moira Queen. Arrow star Stephen Amell teased about someone coming back for the finale, and boy did it deliver. This scene was so emotional, and I applaud both actors for delivering such an impressive scene. The relief, guilt, and anguish that the characters suffered are brought forward that it had me tearing up.

The main story seemed like it was over. The heroes have won, Chase is beaten, William is safe, Oliver didn’t kill Chase, and the rest of Team Arrow is heading for the boat that would take them off the island. However, Chase lives up to being an epic villain with an ace left up his sleeve, the explosives all across the island.

With himself as the deadman switch for the explosives, Chase declares that Oliver has won but it was a hollow victory because he is going to lose everyone else. He then shoots himself, and destroys the whole island in the process. Oliver and William are left looking at the island being destroyed along with the team on it, and the season ends.

Action packed, filled with emotion, and a cliffhanger to boot, this season’s finale goes down as epic in my book. It delivers a big surprise for all of us viewers, but leaves us all questioning what will happen next. Did the team make it off? Do they all survive? Do they lose anyone? These are just a few questions that have to be answered next season. I haven’t felt this excited for the show in quite a while, and it is a great step to making it awesome again!


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