The Flash Season 3 Finale

Season 3 of The Flash has just ended, and I can honestly say that I am disappointed with the finale. We already know that Iris was going to be killed by Savitar, but it just took so long to get to that point that I lost all interest in it. The twistย where it’s H.R. that gets killed instead of Iris was shocking but it didn’t take full effect until after the episode is done.

Don’t get me wrong, the episode did have its high points. Killer Frost being the main high point and how much of a badass she can be. I mean seriously, simply freezing Black Flash like that! Damn! It took Barry an entire season to prep for that baddie, and she just took him out in a snap. Killer Frost has so much potential to be a main villain that it was a letdown knowing the writers went in a different direction with her.

Tom Cavanagh’s acting as H.R. was on point, especially his dying moments. It’s tough to deal with because throughout the season, H.R. has been the backbone of Team Flash. He held them together with his crazy coffee addiction, and out of this world personality. H.R. will definitely be missed, but I am excited to have Earth-2 Wells back.

The best and worst thing for me this season is the introduction of Wally West as Kid Flash. The writers definitely did a bang up job in bringing him into the fold but messed up after he fought with Savitar. Since then, he just disappeared all together and was just happy being in the background. But thankfully, he actually does something in the finale.

3 Flashes (Barry, Wally, and Jay) coming together and kicking Savitar’s ass was dope! That sequence though was short and didn’t have any of the Flashes throwing punches or lightning bolts. How Savitar was put down in its entirety, anti-climatic. Instead of vanishing completely like Reverse-Flash in season 1, he gets shot in the back by the woman he tried to kill. The awesome part of his defeat was Barry kicking Savitar out of his own armor.

The ending of the finale just completely followed in the footsteps of the previous seasons: put Barry at the center of a temporal anomaly. I mean, give them a happy ending for once at least! That concept of Barry running off to quell said anomaly is already stale, and is what made him into a meme. The emotional brevity of the scene before Barry accepts his penance was good. It felt like a passing of the torch of sorts, but how the team deals with it is yet to be seen.

Yes, it draws inspiration from the comics of Barry being trapped in the Speedforce, but adding it to the show is just lazy. It opens up the role of Flash to Wally West who is arguably the best Flash (comics-wise), and it allows the writers to go somewhere different.

All in all, it was good. It leaves room for the characters to grow further, eyes on Wally, Cisco, and Caitlin since they will definitely be the focus of next season. Also, like all superhero stuff, characters are never gone for too long, and it’s only a matter of time before they bring back Barry. But for now, I will sit here in quiet excitement to see what they do with my favorite Flash (Wally West) next season and if he will live up or even surpass what Barry Allen was able to do since season 1.


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