2016 US Election Results

The polls are closed, ballots are in, and the votes have been counted. the victor is, Donald J. Trump, in a shocking turn of events in which many have predicted that Hillary Clinton would have won. It has come as a surprise to many that the volatile Republican candidate has bested Clinton in what can be considered as a historical upset, in an election that has divided the country.

As early as 12:00PM (Philippine Standard Time), Trump took a lead against Clinton in the Electoral votes. As the voting results came in, it seemed obvious that the winner would be decided by the Rust Belt states. These are parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States where there are falling populations, declining industries, and aging factories. Main states here are Pennsylvania and Ohio, it is imperative that these be won.

As the day progressed, all eyes from pundits, and analysts in Fox News, CNN, and Bloomberg, were on four specific states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Trump decisively took Ohio, and that took everyone by surprise, as with the electoral vote gap between the two candidates. With Trump’s lead growing larger, it became more and more evident that Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, were Clinton’s path to the Presidency. (Memoli, 2016)

In-depth analysis from each State show just how much of a lead Trump had over Clinton, and as the day went on, Trump just kept his lead.  As all the votes were done being counted, it seemed clear that the Republican candidate was going to emerge victorious. It was assured that Trump would win when it was revealed that he had won the electoral votes in the state of Pennsylvania. (Vielma, 2016)

When it was all but clear that Trump would win, Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta addressed loyal supporters, and told them that the “race was too close to call, and that they should head home.” (Pramuk, 2016) However, in a surprising turn of events, Hillary Clinton, conceded the race to Trump in a private phone call before the former addressed his supporters in New York.

So now, Donald Trump is the U.S. President Elect, and he has two months to prepare and create a government that will be tasked in reuniting a divided country as a result of this year’s election. Uncertain times lie ahead for the U.S., but it is time to start the healing process, and it will fall upon the shoulders of President Trump.



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