I see that 6.5 as a challenge. I know what I did wrong in the exam. Next time, whether it’s the UKVI GT or Academic Test or the general GT exam, I will get a higher mark. But overall, I’m proud of the outcome. I needed a 6.5 for my MBA, but I got an 8.0 and I’m proud of that. Yeah! I’m good in English!!! Hahahaha. Thank you for supporting me, @vanilla628. 😊😘 #ielts #ieltsresults #english #requirement #mbarequirement #testscores #8outof9 #britishcouncilph #ieltsph #examresults #heckyeah #challengeaccepted

#Repost @vanilla628 with @repostapp
Proudly posting @itsejrobles ’ IELTS Results ❤ Congratulations, my love! 💋 As expected, you totally nailed it! 😙 I am even more proud because the passing average was only 6.5, but he almost got a perfect score (9). 😊 Great job, indeed! 👏👏👏💕 #proudwife #ielts #ieltsresults #happyday #ieltsresultsday #britishcouncil #mbarequirement


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