Dinner Date at Barcino


My wife and I have been planning to go to Barcino’s for months, so we were finally able to do so on December 2. This was actually the day of our wedding monthsary, as it was our fourth month of being married. We went to the Alabang Town Center branch, since it was the nearest to us and it was convenient as we didn’t want to go through traffic.

Barcino’s ATC was a simple looking place from the outside but once we got in, we were quite surprise. The ambiance of it was very comforting, and it wasn’t too crazy like other restaurants. Since it was our first time trying Barcino’s, we were extremely excited for the food that we had ordered.


My wife ordered the Esapguetis A La Carbornara, or just carbonara, since it her favorite pasta dish. I ordered the Tarrina De Cordero, or lamb stew with potatoes with wine sauce. I tasted my wife’s pasta dish, and I must say that it was one of the best carbonara’s that I have tasted. The flavoring was great, the seasoning was beautiful, the pasta itself was cooked perfectly, and the plating itself was gorgeous.


The lamb stew that I ordered was surprising, because I didn’t know what to expect. The lamb was perfectly cooked and well-seasoned, like every time I sliced into it, you could actually see the pieces of lamb separate. The potatoes complemented the wine sauce elegantly as neither overpowered each other and the lamb.


For desert, we ordered the Delicie De Chocolate, which was chocolate cake with molten hot chocolate filling served with ice cream. As we both had to filling dishes, we delighted to see our desert arrive. Just like our main dishes, the presentation for this desert was spot on. It was almost like a Yin-Yang concept, and both elements were in perfect harmony. The ice cream cooled down the molten hot chocolate, both part were rich and filling that we were full after finishing it.


To top of the night, we enjoyed our meal with a flavorful red wine, Conde de Siruela, Roble 2009. It has a sweet fruity taste that grew just grew on you the longer it breathed. It had a strong follow up taste just at the end to help accentuate the sweet fruity aroma.


All in all, we give Barcino’s a 5 out of 5 stars and we would be delighted to go back for more. We would even encourage our friends to try it.



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