Fast & Furious 8 News

So, word just got out that there will a new Fast & Furious movie. Yes, you read it right. A new Fast & Furious movie. Fast & Furious 8.

Now, I’m not completely sure how to react to this news simply because of how Furious 7 ended, and with Paul Walker no longer around. (RIP Paul Walker.) But as long time fan of the franchise, I have seen this franchise evolve from focusing to street cars, tuners, and aftermarket mods, to adrenaline rush filled, testosterone driven, action with some heists inserted here and there.

For all its evolution throughout the years, the main concept of family remains in every single movie. It has become so evident that even the cast themselves have become family. Which makes it difficult to continue without Walker in the mix.

But according to certain a source, Kurt Russell is still in the mix as his character was added as a tease of what was coming up for the gang in the upcoming movies. Which IMO is pretty dope, because come on, did you guys see just how much of a badass Russell was in Furious 7?!

Also, next bit of info that was given would be to move the movie from Southern California to New York. Just imagine how much havoc the gang would cause pulling off their crazy stunts in the Big Apple? A big question mark for now would be Director Justin Lin’s return as he is currently working on Star Trek 3 (I’m stoked for that!) so it’s unsure if the studio will wait for Lin to return to close out the franchise.

With Walker gone, that might make it a bit obvious that his on-screen partner Jordana Brewster would be out too. So that leaves some empty holes in the cast. Thanks to a certain scene in Furious 7, Dom’s quick trip to Tokyo gave fans a hint that maybe Sean (Lucas Black) is set to bigger things in the upcoming movies, as it was reported that he did sign up for Furious 7, 8, and 9! Additionally, Eva Mendes may come back as US Customs Agent Monica Fuentes.

Who knows what they’re brewing over there in the studios, but it sure is interesting. Best we all keep our ears on the vine for any more news about this.




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