One Punch Man Finale


So my wife and I finally watched the One Punch Man Season 1 Finale, and as to be expected from the show, it was AWESOME!

Continuing where the previous episode left, where Lord Boros was freed from his armor and power restraints, we see the full on fight between the two power houses. And like in the manga (yes, I follow the manga too), the whole fight was of epic proportions. The funniest part of the whole fight was when Saitama was sent to the Moon from Lord Boros’ combo.

But like all of Saitama’s previous fights, we all knew how this was going to end. Though it looked like he was in a serious fight, it all came down to just one punch. The best part of that punch was its name, “Serious Punch.”

So while this whole fight was going on, the Class S heroes were finishing off Melzargard. Silver Fang didn’t get killed (which is good since I see him as a necessary character), but instead, he got serious. Terrible Tornado got involved as well, and showed off her psychic abilities in taking out the weapons of the alien ship.

One Punch Man, Episode 12: The Strongest Hero was true to the manga, just as the previous episodes were. It had all of the action packed in at the right places, comedic lines from the opening to the end, and even suspense with the appearance of Amai Mask, Metal Knight, and Drive Knight’s ominous warning to Genos.

This finale brought everything it had and it was exactly how it was supposed to end so that we’re all eager for the next episodes to come out.


One Reply to “One Punch Man Finale”

  1. I love Saitama! ❤ I've read some comments on Youtube Channel. We knew that Blast is the No. 1 S-Class Hero. It wasn't revealed yet on anime. And he says Blast has Normal Human Form but he can transforms into Two Super Power Full Forms. It wears black thigh skin costume and a fully face covered black mask with half knuckle gloves. What do you think?


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