New superhero on the TV block, Supergirl

Supergirl Logo

For all you comic book superhero fans, you know who Supergirl is. For those who don’t know, Supergirl is Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist). And yes, with a name like that, she is related to big blue guy flying around saving the city of Metropolis, Kal-El or Clark Kent,or better yet, Superman.

So, this new superhero show has just entered and aims to mix it up with current line up of comic books superhero genre shows and movies that are on. As a DC character, it’s easy to compare it to the DC hero shows Arrow, Flash, and the pre-Batman show, Gotham. Given the titles, these shows center on the male protagonists and their struggles.

This automatically makes Supergirl different. She is the first female-led live-action superhero TV show in 40 years. That’s right, forty years.

Let’s not get carried away. Supergirl tries to establish the character quickly, not like what was done with Oliver Queen on Arrow, or the backdoor pilot for Barry Allen on Arrow too. But it works. It paces itself quickly, it’s active, it’s lively, but it does draw similarities with its fellow DC counterparts, especially that voice-over during the intro and the beginning.

We see that Kara is trying to be a normal person as much as possible. But as we all know, that is never easy because the call of duty is just too strong. And of course, the first thing that she does to show that she’s a hero is save a plane.

Supergirl 5

Definitely an homage to Kara’s cousin, who also saved a plane on his first day on the job. And that’s where it kicks off into full blown superhero mode. So where do you start off? Well, it starts with the outfit.

Supergirl 1

Then show off some of your powers.

Supergirl 4

Flight? Check! Super strength? Check! Heat vision? Check! And kicking bad guy butt through out the episode? Check and check.

Well, it was a fast paced episode. We got to see the character back story, a character from Metropolis find a place at Supergirl’s side, and the reveal of the big villain immediately. That was a little unexpected for me since I’m used to the build up before a big villain reveal.

This show has a lot of promise, but the show’s formula show should not try to be anything like its counterparts because it should establish itself as world of its own before any crossover. Kara/Supergirl should develop further as the season progresses, we should see how her relationship with the other characters affect her, and how she establishes her superhero team like Team Arrow and Team Flash.

Supergirl 2

Supergirl is something to look forward to, as it is a contrast to its Marvel counterparts, Agent Carter, and the upcoming Netflix Marvel series Jessica Jones.

Supergirl 3

And did anyone catch Dean Cain as Kara’s adoptive father?! A quick salute to the man took up the Clark Kent/Superman mantle in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Supergirl 6

‘Supergirl’: 13 Times Kara Was The Superhero We’ve All Been Waiting For


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