Rex’s Burgers, in search of a good burger


We all love burgers! Even vegetarians have their veggie burgers. It’s this love for burgers that we look for something new, something different, and something unique. Sometimes, in our search for a good burger, or burger adventures, we can come up on what we are looking for or we miss it entirely.

Here, we’ll see what’s the hubbub about Rex’s Burgers. At first look at this joint, you can simply pass by it thinking it’s just another karinderia (canteen or eatery) here in the Philippines. But you’ll be surprised at how comfortable this place feels as it eliminates all the huss and fuss of finer and bigger establishments.

Enough of the feel and ambiance, lets get down to the brass tacks. How is the food? Well, for starters, my wife and I ordered their cheesy fries. Exhibit A:


The fries were standard fast food fries, the ones put in a deep frier to cook. But what makes these fries special is all that cheese on top of it. With slices of jalapeรฑos, ground beef, and bacon bits, these fries were on another level. I mean, they barely lasted five minutes on the table! Dayum! Now, that’s how you know the fries were good.

Now let’s move on to the burgers. First, take a look at Exhibit B:


This is what they call the Wave Burger. It’s a quarter pound patty with the essential burger stuff from lettuce, tomato, cheese, and onions. One different thing about this burger is its pineapple slice. It adds a new twist to the taste. It’s refreshing from all your regular cheeseburgers and burgers. It was good in my honest opinion. The flavors were there, and how the patty fell apart after biting into it was a plus. Those potato chips on the side were welcome but they were just a distraction on the overall presentation.

Now, take a look at Exhibit C:


This is the Storm Burger. This is what my wife ordered. She is an avid lover of spicy food, and this burger was said to be spicy on the menu so it got her attention. At first glance, it looks just like another regular burger except for that spicy sauce dripping out of it. I would admit that it did look very appetizing. My wife’s verdict is different, however. She says that the spice of the burger was very underwhelming, as compared to the “Very Very Spicy” tagline on the menu. There’s a lot left to desired of this burger.

All in all, the experience just an A-Okay. It didn’t a lasting impression on us, but it did fill our tummies just enough. More improvements can be made into the service, the presentation, and the overall taste of the burgers.

This is nothing against the establishment and its famous Darth Burger challenge. There are a lot of options available in this joint from the many burger choices and the size. Sizes range from Minion, Regular, and T-Rex.

If anyone is interested, anyone can visit Rex’s at: BF Resort Drive, Talon, Las Piรฑas City.


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